“I have been following the work of Georges Le Chevallier ever since his exhibition at Artspace in 2002.  I have always been impressed with the contemplative aspect that he brings to his creative process. In his latest series of paintings, Le Chevallier is challenging us to slow down, remove ourselves from the distractions of technology, and live in the moment.  Inspired by Geometric Abstraction and plating techniques used in the culinary arts, he uses the deconstructive aesthetic of Japanese Shibui to successfully create visually sublime paintings which makes us ponder with its array of textural qualities and subtle details.” 

Mary Poole

President & CEO, Artspace, Raleigh NC


Patates Braves (after Catalan tapas)
Coffee, Aerosol Paint, Acrylic Paints and Graphite on Paper, 15”x22” 2016 // Unique Multiple Edition of 20, signed and numbered